The Ghost of Christmas Present

Many of us spend our time living in the past or the future and rarely in the present. Where do you spend most of your time? Are you always looking back over things that happened in the past or are you constantly planning and looking forward to the next event or task?

I heard someone recently say that life is a collection of memories and that suggests to me someone who is living their life through the past. How rich our lives would be if we could embrace all three aspects of time – looking forward to something, enjoying the actual moment and looking back on it as a memory.

If you are rushing around in a frenzy with lists that you are frantically ticking off so that you arrive at Christmas Day in an exhausted heap and then at the end of the day say “well that was all over very quickly”, STOP!

Enjoy each moment of your preparations because they are part of the joy of Christmas. Feel the connection that you are making with your friends and family as you write their Christmas cards – perhaps with a glass of mulled wine in your hand and some Christmas music in the background. Hear the delight of someone you love as you shop for their Christmas present and smile at other shoppers to share some Christmas spirit. Take time out from cooking the turkey and watch as the presents you give are opened – Christmas dinner will be ready when it is ready.

Give yourself your own Christmas gift this year and that is of being present and enjoying every moment.

Look out for the Ghost of Christmas Future in the next few days…

1 thought on “The Ghost of Christmas Present

  1. Kate Burton Reply

    Hi Jacqueline, thank you for the reminder to stay present to the joy rather than getting bogged down by things to be done. AFter three hours stuck in the car last night in Berkshire gridlock, I’m off for a breath of fresh air in the snow.

    I love the new format blog, having missed the walk on 14th Dec, now feel part of it..

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