Tips for making hybrid working work

As we move back from virtual to hybrid working, we can take the best of what we have learnt through virtual working to combine with the office aspect.

Here are some of my tips for making hybrid working, a success.

  1. Take a strategic approach – see my previous blog about key considerations for hybrid working.
  2. Take the best of virtual and office working to create a third way of working. This may seem obvious, but this means taking a proactive approach to what this third way looks like in practice. Virtual working was forced on many and we adapted and learnt. How can you use that learning to create a virtual working model for you and your team?
  3. Develop your use of technology further – we have the technology to work remotely but a different approach or different technology may be needed for hybrid working.
  4. Be clear on what hybrid working means for you, your team and your organisation. This may change over time but make sure that you set clear expectations.
  5. Clear and open communication – leading on from the previous point, make sure that you have clear and open two-way communication. One of the comments about virtual working is that productivity is better, but communication is harder.
  6. Remember the key role that your managers will have in making hybrid working successful. They will need to spend more time managing people and need to understand how to do that without micro-managing. Allocate resources to support and develop them in this new role.
  7. Take time to understand your people – their expectations, needs and wants what their personal circumstances and commitments are. Balance these individual needs with those of the organisation.
Photo courtesy of Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

Do you have any other tips? This way of working is new to so many and we can all learn from each other.

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