Wearing the right clothes – adopting the right mindset

As I was looking out of my window this morning at the trees being battered by the wind, the leaves swirling on the green grass and the grey clouds moving purposefully overhead like sailing ships cutting through the ocean, I felt cosy, warm and secure in my house. It was tempting to think – “I’ll just stay at home and work in my office all day.”

Then I remembered the walks I have had recently when I have wrapped up against the weather and returned calm, glowing and full of energy. I love walking at any time of year and in any weather provided I am dressed for it. As the saying goes “There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes”.

My question for today is how is this also true for other parts of my life – and yours? When do you look at a situation or hear something and hesitate to get involved, to step into it because where you are currently standing is brighter, warmer and feels more secure than the other option?

What is the equivalent of wearing the right clothes? For me it is about adopting a positive state of mind, imagining how this fits in with my sense of purpose and calling upon the skills that I have to be at my best.

What is it for you?

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