What do you want to see in your world after the snow?

While writing this blog, the big thaw is happening for many of us around the country and soon our normal landscape will be revealed.

I have been looking out at my garden this morning partly to capture in my mind how beautiful it looks under this blanket of snow and partly to recall what the garden underneath looks like. What will be revealed underneath? What will be different to before the snow: what will have developed and improved and what will have suffered and need attention?

I am hoping to see shoots from some spring bulbs to bring promise of the fresh colours of the changing season from winter to spring.

Many of you know that I often use the metaphor of a garden for my world, my life and my business and I am now wondering what if my garden was covered in a blanket of snow, what would I want to be revealed underneath when the snow thawed?

Also in the garden of my life and especially my business I hope to see some shoots appearing representing existing clients who are coming back for more and new potential clients appearing for the first time.

While thinking through other sights, sounds and smells that I hope to see, I realise that many of these elements are influenced by me.

If your world was covered temporarily with a blanket of snow, what would you want to see when the snow thaws? What would you want that is different to your world before the snow? What can you and will you do to influence that?

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