Facilitating results

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT (training design and delivery), COACHING and FACILITATION are what we at Breath of Fresh Air excel at. Through our expertise we bring fresh thinking into businesses, create behaviour change and enable people and businesses to reach beyond their dreams.

We facilitate results.

Skills development – training design and delivery

We work with you to understand the skills and behaviours that you require from your people and then design a learning solution to achieve this. Our initial assessment may include the use of psychometric tools.

Often the biggest barrier to achievement is in our own minds. At Breath of Fresh Air® we are not just interested in helping individuals develop their skills, but also making positive changes to their beliefs to help them reach their goals.

By designing learning solutions that appeal to both the hearts and minds of learners, we are able to make a direct difference to your business. Using accelerated techniques that maximise the impact of learning in the long-term, our solutions bring about tangible results.

These solutions might be indoor or outdoor workshops or a blend between the two, depending on the desired learning outcomes and the culture of the organisation.

We focus on the desired outcomes for both the business and the learner and provide a relaxed, fun but challenging environment to facilitate the learning process.


Whether you want to develop your personal potential, the potential of your people or take your business to new levels, coaching can help. Coaching is practical, focused on results and makes optimum use of your limited time.

The types of coaching provided by Breath of Fresh Air are:

Executive Coaching

coaching for enhanced performance within a business environment. Typically, clear outcomes are defined by the individual and/or the organisation for where they want to be within a specific timescale.

Skills Coaching

One-to-one development sessions to help individuals to develop their skills in sales, sales management, relationships, communication, assertiveness and effective presentations. Skills coaching sessions might form part of a wider learning and development solution.

Business Development Coaching

Coaching to enhance sales and business development performance.

Breath of Fresh Air® Coaching

This is more about how and where than what. Breath of Fresh Air is any of the above forms of coaching but takes place in the outdoors whilst walking in an inspiring location. The physical act of walking encourages clear thinking and facilitates a movement in the mind as well as in the body.


Facilitation is now recognised as an important management skill that helps organisations respond effectively to changing requirements and environments. Facilitators are impartial and help groups improve their performance and achieve organisational goals by improving the effectiveness of meetings and the quality and speed of decision-making.

Facilitation is all about finding ways to help the group achieve their own goals and objectives and is often used for:

  • Team meetings and awaydays
  • Board strategy and planning meetings
  • Sales strategy and planning meetings

Learning Solutions

The range of learning solutions we offer includes:

  1. Business growth – sales and service
  2. Communication and business relationship skills
  3. Leadership and management (including strategic thinking)
  4. Team performance and development
  5. Breath of Fresh Air®