What is it like to work with a professional coach?

Do you ever wonder what it is like to work with a professional coach? This is what one of my clients wrote about her experience

Prior to commencing my coaching sessions with Jacqueline we talked on the telephone to help me to decide whether I could work with her. My first session was then very much about deciding how we could best work together so that I could achieve maximum benefit from the sessions. I’ve experienced 6 formal coaching sessions and email follow-ups. All sessions took place in London, both in a private office and in open space at the IoD – both formats worked very well and I’d not be afraid to recommend the open space coaching – you become so focused that the fact that other people are sitting on tables close by really doesn’t matter.

I found Jacqueline’s style to be very calm and relaxed, yet thought provoking and personally challenging. After our first meeting I was very quickly put into the driving seat as far as recording outcomes and action plans was concerned – they were my coaching sessions and I owned every part of them, including deciding what I was going to work on between sessions. Getting into the habit of establishing personal short term goals has been a beneficial by product of my coaching sessions – it may seem obvious to do, but mostly my short term goals had been work based priorities and nothing to about my personal and professional growth and development.

Jacqueline was very skilled at helping me to reframe situations and circumstances – sometimes we are too close to events and circumstances and need help to reflect and refocus – Jacqueline helped me to do this. Creating the time and space to talk about issues that were getting in the way of my effective working, reflecting and thinking about things I’d not considered for a long time, introducing me to new ways of thinking and new ideas to help me cope with life and work have been just some of the benefits of working with a professional coach.

Since commencing my work with Jacqueline I’ve started to appreciate music again, I’m a lapsed musician and singer, I now not only listen to music, buy CDs again, but I also pick up my instrument and play and I’ve been invited to sing again – I do not think that I would have even found time for the conversation that led to the invitation had it not been for my coaching experience. I’ve started writing daily pages – though not every day, and taking five minutes out here and there just to reflect – its quite liberating – reframing situations, “sleeping on decisions” that just don’t seem so overwhelming afterwards. I’ve still got some way to go with the reframing and the daily pages but it all helps to cope with the pressures of a very busy role and the dependencies that others have on you. I’ve found I’m better able to help others to make decisions too – the coaching effect ripples through the organisation.

I’d recommend coaching to anyone who like me, having been in a senior executive role for some years found that I was beginning to question my ability, my thought processes, my value and worth to my organisation. I wasn’t seeing what others were seeing – they saw a tough minded, strong professional but I didn’t feel like that inside. Jacqueline’s flexible coaching style suited my personality; she quickly adapted to work with me. Coaching is not a soft option and the work doesn’t stop once your formal sessions come to an end. Having a coach has helped me to re-find my self discipline, to establish useful routines and recreate a strong professional sense of worth and value within me.

Thank you Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Harris

If any of this has resonated with you and you would like to see how coaching could work for you. Contact me so that we can explore it together.

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